Monday, July 25, 2011


In the early years God spoke very loudly compared to now. Now I find myself praying for a couple of weeks two to three hours a day just to hear God’s voice for five minutes. In the early years I would be out somewhere and He would tell me to go home that He wants to talk to me. I would then sit down and He would speak clearly for forty minutes.

It was during this time that He taught me about natural signs and wonders and using them to validate His words. After this one episode of the Lord speaking to me for forty minutes I asked Him for a sign that we talked together that day. He asked me “What do you want?” I said “Whenever I've asked for a sign it never happened. How about, this time you give me the sign.” God replied, “Very well! In twelve days your friend... is going to meet some friends she hasn’t seen a long time and in five minutes of conversation with these people she will repent of all her sins”.

I marked the date on my calendar and proceeded to wait the twelve days. I went to church that evening and sat with her expecting this revelatory miracle. The evening went on and still there was no sign of any of her friends. I had lost hope knowing that church was now ending. About ten p.m. she spotted her friends and jumped up and ran to them. I watched her and her friends from my chair. After approximately five minutes of conversation she came back to me with tears in her eyes and told me that those were her friends from out West and that their testimony totally convicted her of her sins.

There it was, the sign I was waiting for. This then became the norm for me that whenever God would speak to me I would ask Him for some natural sign. On one occasion He told me to go outside at 12:05 a.m. and I would see a meteorite streak from the east to the west and this would be a sign to me that He talked to me that day. He used many natural occurrences like earthquakes, odd snowstorms, unusual news headlines and many other meetings with old acquaintances.

After a couple of years of this I felt that this was more an act of faithlessness than something that was necessary. Nonetheless it was clearly refining God’s voice to me. I no longer look for natural signs and wonders. I know God's voice more intimately than I have ever known and when He speaks I know it’s Him.

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