Saturday, March 12, 2011

Turning to salt

11 March 2007
Dream: I dreamt I was near some Expressway in Toronto.  I think it was the 400 and the 401 cloverleaf. I was in a ditch and there was a well dressed gentleman standing across from me in a dark suit. I thought  about going back into the world system and was thinking God had abandoned me since nothing seemed to be happening that I prophesied regarding the economy and the stock market crashing. Also everyone came against me and quite frankly I just gave up. The man in the nice suit started scaling the hill to the top. I started to follow him and I was about 15 feet behind him. I knew once he got to the top things would be fine and that prosperity was waiting there. When he got to the top of the hill he stood there for a moment and I don't know what he saw but he instantly turned into a pillar of salt. I stopped as fast as I could fearing I might accidentally look and turn into salt myself. I turned around and slid back down the hill to the bottom. I was very frightened at the judgments of God.
When I awoke I repented of my frustration and waiting for God and I knew the economic collapse was very imminent. NOTE THE DATE OF THE DREAM. IT WAS A LITTLE OVER A YEAR LATER THE STOCK MARKET CRASHED September 16, 2008

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