Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dream of foreign troops on American soil. Feb 25th/2011

25 February 2011
I dreamt I was standing in the US somewhere. There were several people around me and for some reason seemed quite content. It was a beautiful sunny day, very peaceful in fact. The sun was shining the air was warm you couldn't ask for a better day. I looked at a woman who stood across from me and I recognized her from some church. She seems gloriously happy for some reason and had it look of contentment on her glowing face. I suddenly heard a sound behind me and turned around to see who it was. We were suddenly surrounded by foreign troops in dark uniforms. (Black Ops) Some were sporting machineguns others high-powered rifles. They started escorting us pushing us and shoving us against our will. They seemingly came from nowhere and somehow I knew they were taking us to concentration camps. Fear gripped me inside. I thought to myself why didn't I leave the US why did I stay here. I knew this was coming and I knew it was coming on a bright sunny day when people would least expect it. I knew I was going to die and that we're all going to be eventually shot.

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