Friday, June 11, 2010

Plane with one wing. Dream June 11-2001

Flying very low in the sky over a shopping centre was a single engined plane that had only one wing. IT was bright red in colour and looked as if it might be a stunt plane. I could see the pilot clearly from the ground and he was struggling to keep the plane in the air. Eventually it crashed and he fell forward and was almost decapitated by the prop. He came up to me and said "You should not try this!"


  1. I didn't recognize the pilot. He had a full head of dark curly hair.

  2. I don't know if this is of the Lord, but I know planes could not fly except for the properties of air/wind, and we all know the Hebrew and Greek words for air/wind and their correlation to the Holy Spirit.
    Thus, I have for some years felt that the invention of powered flight by the Wright brothers--who were Christians--was prophetic of or reflected the modern Holy Spirit renewal that started at the same time as flight was invented.
    In keeping with this, I wonder if your plane only having one wing was indicative of things of the Holy Spirit.
    I think the dream probably means that half of Christendom acknowledges and seeks to live after the things of the Spirit, and half doesn't--and we can't fly like that!


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