Monday, June 14, 2010

The Narrow Road

I made this video some while back. I was so disgusted by the fact that the enemy has taken over the church with these false doctrines and by the purveyors of greed, I came up with this little video. I realize I could have put a lot more people on this but it took a lot of research with just the ones I did show. Everyone that is shown in the video are ones that I checked out thoroughly. Many of them came from the Federal investigations that are currently taking place for misappropriation of funds. Many of these perpetrators have been caught using the Church funds for their own personal use. This of course is seriously wrong. In some states this is actually legal although we don't go by mans laws but Gods instead! After all we are supposed to be Christians. Many huge ministries have millions of dollars a year go through their fingers yet do nothing for their fellow man. In other words the instructions Jesus gave us are completely ignored while they lavish the riches' on themselves instead. In the end, Hell will be filled with these ministers that have abused the sheep.

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