Monday, March 7, 2016

DREAM FROM 2000 ABOUT A HORSE in a corral and Jesus speaks to me.

Dream from 2000
Dreamt I was at a barnyard in Virginia. I was leaning on fence over looking a corral. I was watching a blond stallion run wildly around the inner perimeter. He was bucking and reeling up as if he was really angry. He would stop and kick the fence hard from behind them run some more. Some how I knew his name was “Hunter”. Someone was across from me attempting to catch him. He would allow himself to get caught and stand still for a moment. That person would try to mount the violent stallion and the second they did, he would buck wildly trying to shake them off. His back. They would after a few seconds fall to the ground somewhat hurt.  This happened over and over again. The rider would dust himself off then try again. A woman would come up to the fence and lean on the rail. When this violent stallion would see her he would run towards her to scare her away and reel up trying to kick her in the face.
When I awoke Jesus spoke to me. “This horse can never be broken. It is full of rebellion. Its only use would be for rodeos and the glue factory.” I realized that this horse was real and belonged to someone I knew very well. The Horses real name was thunder, which suited this wild horse, yet the person who owned it was named Hunter in real life. I had met several people over the years that Jesus showed me were unbreakable. They would fight against everything Jesus was trying to do in their lives over and over again. So they were useless in the kingdom of God because of it. Jesus showed me sometime later that the native American Natives would train their horses to respond by just pulling on their mane and later only have a halter and didn’t need a bridle to steer them.

Psalm 32:9New International Version (NIV)
Do not be like the horse or the mule,
    which have no understanding
but must be controlled by bit and bridle
    or they will not come to you.

Last night the Lord spoke to me in the night again regarding this revelation.
March 6th 2016
“The unbreakable horse is not the worse horse but a Horse that pretends to be broken but lashes out unexpectedly is more worthless. How can you trust a horse like that?”
I then remembered years ago when I used to ride horses a lot growing up. I was surrounded by horse ranches in my town and would spend all my money riding. I rode this one horse often that no one else wanted to ride him because he was so unpredictable. Oddly enough his name was Thunder. I would be riding along through the open field in a full gallop and he would suddenly start bucking trying to get me off his back for no apparent reason. One time I flew right off so fast and down to the ground that I remembered nothing at all as to how I got to be on the ground. I was stunned as people came running to me thinking I must have been hurt, but I was fine just a little stunned.
The Lord spoke again after I revisited this memory. “There is nothing more useless than a horse you can’t trust. You can’t hitch him to a wagon and trust your family in his care. If you hitch him to a plow he could just run off with the plow. If you ride him he could throw you to the ground anytime he decided to rebel and refuse to be under your leadership. He is fit only for the glue factory.”
I then remembered a story I heard years ago on Dr Dobson radio show about strong willed children. A mother was disciplining her young son and told him to sit on the chair until she sees fit. The boy responded, “I may be sitting down on the outside but on the inside I’m standing up”. This was just like this horse, he was never really broken, he was unbreakable, but the worse kind where he pretended to be broken but deep down he is full of rebellion and can’t help but lash out every once in a while.
I then realized this was like most of the people in church that I knew. They were never broken and so to get along with the church they pretend to be broken never submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ. They never surrendered to the King.
EJ Ouellette

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