Sunday, November 9, 2014


Dream: March
I dreamt I was in a large church with a bunch of young people. Something was wrong though and we all decided to go to the office and voice our concerns. There were at least 20 of us in all and I was leading the group. We all felt qualified by God to bring the truth to light. We climbed into the elevator to the top floor, which I think was 23 on the button. We came out of the elevator and I was caught by surprise by a 9 ft Demon with one eye. The room was dark and gloomy like a horror movie. Several of the leaders whom I recognized gathered around this demon and were obviously friends. When the demon saw us his head turned and a green ray came from his eye. It went clear across the room and hit me and my knees began to buckle. I ushered the other people back into the elevator and I knew I would have to deal with this demon myself. The team left and I was alone with the leaders of this false church and the giant demon with the green ray coming from his one eye. I knew I was going die somehow and they were going to throw me out the window. I had sacrificed myself for my friends. They lunged towards me and began to throw out the window. As I was falling the scripture went through my head “No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.” 

I awoke at that point and was kind of stunned but what I just saw in the dream. My gift of discernment is very vivid sometimes and God always reveals to me what is going on in congregations. I was also a little disturbed by the truth since this was a place I frequented and had many friends there. I saw clearly the deception going on and the false anointing.

As time went on and God directed me to address this truth to this false church I was stunned by what took place after. I thought they would want to meet me and talk about the visions. Or even better pray about it see what God has to say. Instead they threw me out the window. Slander rose up like crazy. They couldn't defend the truth so they destroyed my character instead. Lies upon lies went up and even now 15 years later the lies still go on. I was shocked as time went on that people even believed these lies,  who were my friends and associates. As time went on the Lord showed me that these people were never His anyway and they were the wolves in the church.

Nothing has changed after all these years. The Lord told me that everyone would abandon me and they did. He showed me many times a vision of a big house on fire. In every window I could see people inside and they were oblivious to the flames. I would run in a rescue one, drag them out and then get another. While I went back out in the yard the one that was freed went right back in as if they were under some zombie spell.

I am so glad he took away the burden now. I realize that they can’t leave because they refuse to repent of their sins. 2nd Thess 2:11 “For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie. “. I don’t care anymore at all. The great burden is lifted. I don’t see their haunting faces anymore. I can sleep through the night. If they want to go to hell, God gave them a free will to do so. I only now look after the ones that come to me to be freed.

God showed me the reason they couldn’t leave was simple. They all believed they had some great worldwide ministry coming and only through this false anointing and false church could this be accomplished. It was true, everyone I ever met there believed God had some awesome worldwide ministry for them and that’s why they were there. It was simple it was about the Glory. They wanted the Glory, the same glory that got Satan kicked out of Gods heaven and out of Gods favour.

EJ Ouellette

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