Saturday, October 11, 2014

REPOST: With the recent Ebola outbreak I thought my dream from 2012 certainly fit.

Dream: I was walking on top of a grassy ridge. People were all around me. It felt like wartime and I could see soldiers all around us. It felt like Nazi Germany but I knew I was in the US somewhere. Tables were set up with small boxes open on the tables. I heard an air-raid siren wailing close by and the people started running towards the boxes. The boxes held surgical masks. The people were quickly putting them on and running down the hill to the ravine. Pup tents were set up and everyone was piling into them. Sensing the imminent danger I ran to the table grabbed a mask and ran down the hill. I went into the first tent I could find. Several young people were inside the tent panicking. A young girl was crying. We could hear the bombs squealing as they were dropping from the beautiful blue sky. A bomb dropped right beside us and I knew we were doomed. I heard a whirring sound from the bomb and thought it was a dispersant bomb that released some deadly virus or toxin. Some young guy grabbed a defenseless girl and held her up to protect himself from the bomb. What a spineless turd I thought to myself and I grabbed her and put her behind me trying to protect her from the explosion.
I awoke at this point and looked at the clock. It was just after 12am. I remembered the day before during prayer the Lord speaking to me saying by 12 that night he would speak to me concerning the things that are about to come. It hit me afterward that it could also represent another volcano. The masks are needed then as well.

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