Thursday, November 1, 2012


27 January 2005 Dream: I dreamt I was in Hamilton harbor at the edge of Lake Ontario. I was looking at a big ship and I noticed a giant wave at least the height of the ship. This happened three times. (INDONESIA TSUNAMI,JAPAN TSUNAMI HURRICANE SANDY)

After that I saw another wave (The fourth). This wave was at least 400 feet high (40 stories). I knew death was certain and all life would be destroyed. I heard a voice say “What are you doing to help people escape the destruction”. I immediately thought of some friends that lived near there. I realized that complacency had set in with me and that I had forgotten the destruction that is coming. 

Hurricane Sandy was the last of the three (I believe before the big wave). Next most likely will be the big one on the east coast that will be 3 to 400 feet high and coming very very soon.
Joe Ouellette

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