Sunday, March 11, 2012

TORNADO in florida DREAM March 5th

In prayer time this week I keep getting the same word everyday and it came after this dream. The word is "I AM UNLEASHING A MONSTER" I got this exact same word right before the Tornado that ripped through Joplin Missouri on May22nd 2011. It was an EF5 and I also had a dream of that before it took place.

See word here

What I left out of that word was that some angels came to me in a dream to show me that they were about to unleash a monster.

Dream March 5th 2012. I dreamed I was in Hudson Florida and people I knew were scrambling to put things away and batten down the hatches. They had very worried looks on their faces. When I looked outside I saw 5 very large and wide Tornados headed are way from the south. I thought the "5" might mean F5.

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