Tuesday, August 9, 2011

STOCK MARKET MELTDOWN (Dreams from 2008 about a bear)

Found these dreams from 2008 quite interesting after yesterdays Stock market meltdown. Aug 8th-2011

August 27, 2008
Dreamt I was being chased by a grizzly bear. The bear was getting bigger as time went on. At one point it became huge as if blown up like a balloon. Eventually I pushed a door closed behind me and locked myself in some room. I knew it would only last a second or two before he got me.

Jan 15 2008
Dreamed I was at some friends and a huge grizzly bear came out from behind the bushes. It started attacking us and we started to run in every direction. A neighbor came out from his house with a spear and started to stab it. The bear fell backwards dead. We then went on with our barbecue, and sat down on the picnic table. Suddenly the dead bear came back to life and started killing us. I ran inside a garden shed and the bear started to attack me. I knew I was a goner. ..Happens in the summer (BBQ)

Interpretation:(right after having the dream in 2008)
The bear is the stock market and will crash. The government will step in to stop it and it will appear as if they stopped it. Suddenly it will crash again and it won’t be stopped.
Joe Ouellette

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