Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dream of the desert. and the stock market crash 2007

This dream has a new meaning to me lately. With all thats going on in the middle east I see this dream in a new light. It could be the end of gas could come through this crisis.

The coming judgment

It looked like a vast dark desert filled with worldly possessions piled high. Cars, money, diamonds, and even large houses were strewn about aimlessly. Jesus stood next to me not saying a word. Suddenly the sound of an earthquake bellowed from the earth below. A large hole began to develop, swallowing the possessions. Fear gripped me as I started to lose my footing. I will be sucked down too, I thought! Jesus began to fly high in the air and called out to me. I started to fly right up to Him and He grabbed me around my waist. We flew right out of this world and into space.
Far below me, the planet earth disappeared. Soon, we were in a different solar system and earth could no longer be seen. Jesus began to fly even faster and flew us to the end of the universe. We took a turn at the end and flew at an incredible rate around the complete circumference. Occasionally He would slow down and show me other solar systems and planets that appeared much like our own. We would then fly fast again onto the next sight, finally all the way back to good old planet earth. Before He returned me, He looked at me and said, “I know every sparrow”. With that said, He returned me home.
When I awoke, I knew that we were in for some difficult times but I also knew that He would look after us.

In 2007 I had this very vivid dream. I was driving through some winding roads in Virginia in the country. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were no other cars on the road. As I came around a sharp turn I was met with five angels standing on the road and applied my brakes. I got out of the car and approached the angels. I recognized some of them from other encounters over my life. The one standing in the front was obviously the leader and almost immediately began to speak to me. "Get ready, for the stock market is about to crash. Life as you know it is going to change dramatically".
It seemed strange that such a big effort was put into this message. I have been telling people for years to get ready for the great crash. The Lord had come to me in the past with dreams of a great famine. I saw people all over the United States and even in places in Europe starving to death. I saw bodies piled up at the end of driveways that were nothing but skin and bones. No one wanted to get ready but I couldn't stop the dreams coming to me.
In 2008 the stock market did indeed crash, but people still did not heed my warnings and get ready for the greatest depression man has ever known. Even now they act as if it’s all going to bounce back anytime now.

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