Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alligators on the road Dream



Dreamt I was at some friends in Virginia and they had no wood for the woodstove. I drove up the road on my motorcycle with my Daughter on the back. I saw alligators all over the roads and there were so many I kept running over them. I did not lose control but they were just a slight bump. Some were small and skinny and one was hugely fat. I think there were at least 200 hundred in total. The whole time I was driving a huge bear ran beside me and kept getting into fights with the alligators. The bear never touched us but only ran beside us. I came over the crest over a hill and saw dark stormy clouds in the distance.

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  1. This was definitely about us!! As you can see this is the alligator we hit on the road. The 200 related to a financial commitment we made to God. The bear....a little joke we were making along the way as we live in FL but kept seeing this bear crossing sign. We were making a little joke about the polar bears in FL!! Very cool dream :)!


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