Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CIA on lockdown after I had the dream from 2014-09-04

With the recent lockdown at Langley CIA headquarters I thought I might re-post my dream.

I dreamt I was at CIA headquarters in Langley Va. I recognized the place right away from previous dreams of being there. This time was completely different though. It was full of people with worried looks on their faces. Something was clearly going on. I made my way into the lunchroom that was again full of people eating snacks and again looking very worried. I was hungry and reached for a cheap small pie to eat. I sat down and looked across the room as even more people began to show up. I saw a security cop in the room as well and people were whispering. I heard the word “Neutron” and I immediately thought that someone had a neutron bomb on US soil. I then understood their worry and wondered where it might be hidden,

I then awoke.